Thank you for checking out my website and portfolio. My name is Jesse Levitt, I am a tattoo artist and painter from upstate New York. I currently live in Denver, Colorado, but I periodically travel back to New York for guest spots and conventions. I also travel across the nation and sometimes abroad. An updated list of my current traveling plans can be found in the ‘Travel Plans’ page of my website. All of the work you see here in my portfolio is conceptualized and created by myself. I am specialized in working with and creating dark subject matter and I also enjoy blending it with an abstract organic style. It is an honor to be able to work exclusively on projects that are in my own personal style and are of interest to me. I am incredibly grateful for all of the clients that I have had over the last couple years who have made it possible for me to pursue my art in this way, thank you all so much!

I will sometimes work with rough ideas/preferences as long as they go along with my style. However, a majority of my clients prefer me to completely conceptualize their pieces myself from the ground up. If you are considering getting work from me but you have questions, feel free to contact me through my e-mail and we can make a plan together. If you want work from me and are ready to make an appointment, the quickest and most efficient way is through the ‘BOOK TATTOO APPOINTMENT‘ form here on my website.

Feel free to visit my online shop where you can find original paintings, high quality prints, and other merchandise. Thanks again for your interest in my work and continued support.


Is everything you do freehand or can I see a design first?
Are you coming to my location any time soon?
How can I get an appointment?
How far out are you booked/How far out can I make an appointment?
What are your rates?
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